10 Upcoming Jobs in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing






Chief experience officer
Category: Executive management
Skills needed: Mastery of design thinking and a solid foundation in computer science, creative and executive management


VR editor
Category: Content production
Skills needed: Expertise in object-oriented programming, project management, and video arts; ability in software products like Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity3D


Bot developer
Category: Cross-enterprise technology
Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science; knowledge of linguistics, interactive language arts, programming, design, engineering, natural language processing, and ethics.


IoT marketing strategist
Category: Mar tech
Skills needed: Engineering background and a foundation in telecommunications


Mixed-reality designer
Category: Content production
Skills needed: Post-graduate degree in graphic design or computer animation; familiarity with Unity3D, cognitive and social psychology, user experience design and storytelling


Data scientist
Category: Cross-enterprise technology
Skills needed: Undergraduate or post-graduate degree in computer science; strong grasp of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data optimization


Machine-learning engineer
Category: Cross-enterprise technology
Skills needed: Expertise in programming, machine-learning algorithms, and statistics


Omnichannel retail strategist
Category: Retail
Skills needed: A Post-graduate study in psychology, neuroscience, and critical thinking; familiarity with data analytics, marketing strategy, project management, user experience design and rapid prototyping


Voice skills developer
Category: Communications planning
Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science or linguistics; experience with JavaScript, Python and deploying projects for Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana


Hologram retail display designer
Category: Retail
Skills needed: Undergraduate or post-graduate degree in computer science or 3-D design



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