6 Answers a Content Marketer Must Know Before They Start

In the era of Digital marketing, content is ultimately king. And to survive in this empire one has to initially start as a content marketer.

The role of the content writer is very crucial as their words are going to affect the ranking and reputation of a page. Content marketing is the most effective and trusted way of marketing where marketers promote their services or product.

The demand for content has given many opportunities to start their career as a content writer. As said, the task of a content developer is not going to easy as they have to work on a variety of product and prepare different type strategy to promote content.

Why Is Content Marketing So Popular?

Apart from SEO Activity, the reason for content in demand is, there is a number of channels to promote content. Depending upon the nature of business the mode of developing content is decided.

A content can be promoted via guest posts, blogging, articles, website content and other modes. It’s not only going to reach one’s business services rather help in Google Rank if the content is rightly developed with all SEO techniques.

Nowadays, content on your social media pages, info-graphics, landing pages and videos matters a lot. Hence, all these reasons make content as king of Digital marketing.

Let’s check out what are those 6 answers a Content Marketer must know before start working on content.


1.Type of Content Required:

Before writing any content, the content writer must know what type of content they need to develop. Tough it depends upon the services or product they are working, still, a writer has to do a bit research.

The next thing to be done by a writer is to do research work about the niche. Unless and until a content writer has a clear idea about the product, they cannot start writing. While researching there are many tricks to be followed, but one of an effective strategy is following competitors.

After finding the competitors, it becomes easy to know what kind of contents are going to work for you.

2. Who are your Targeted audiences?

When the content is developed there are many factors to be considered, one of them is, who your targeted audiences are. To specify and target audience for content is quite important as its going to drive traffic to website. Once you get the traffic it helps to capture leads and leads are going to convert into a customer.

Know your targeted audiences

Since target audience is going to depend upon revenue so, content developer has to filter out the audiences keeping many factors in concerned about location, demographics, area of interest and much more.

Initially, for a content marketer, it’s very difficult to categories audiences at the very beginning. Still, you can have an idea about audiences. In that case, follow competitor’s strategies and with time to time keep on changing your content marketing strategies.

3. The behavior of Audience:

After a certain time period only it’s possible to know how your targeted audiences are responding to content. Hence, you have to develop a variety of content and continuously monitor all contents performance to know what type of content is liked by your audiences.

One more essential point most content developers miss is focusing on multiple content strategies. This is important because a particular website is going to have a variety of audiences. So, considering all audiences, the content strategies must be updated every time.

4. How your Product is Different from Competitors?

In marketer, a marketer will have to compete with the number of competitors. And while marketing on online, you have to represent globally where you have to represent your product in a best possible way.

Hence, before start writing a content, writer has to figure out how your products are different and then decide how to represent it in your content.

While developing a content only the USP’s of a product and how its different from competitors product must be highlighted. A marketer can do it by creating quality content with relevant info-graphics. Moreover, to build trust factor use existing customers review in content.

Though in digital marketing its always suggested to follow competitors strategy, but while implementing stay a step ahead with unique and different content strategy.

5. How to Engage Audiences?

The responsibility of a content writer is not only to write quality content, rather engage audiences so that it raises the chance of generating revenue. There are many techniques to engage audiences in content like, by asking them to rate the content and submit their review.

how to engage your audiences with content
Engagement of your audience is very important

One of the latest technique is asking visitors whether the article was helpful or not with YES or NO option. Similarly, for engagement of audiences, add different social buttons to share them. One more option is important for engagement is included CTA, which will also affect selling rate.

6. Prepare a strategy to promote your content:

The final step for the content marketer is to promote the content, and maximum quality content doesn’t work due to a poor strategy for content promotion.

The content marketer must focus on the promotion of content as its going help in driving traffic to website as well as get revenue for the business.

Hence, there are multiple ways to promote like by asking influencers to comment or quote for your content. Don’t forget to mention the source, if you have referred from any other pages while creating content.

Share contents on various social media and ask followers to like or comment.  Only content is not going to help promote content, so take help of visual marketing by creating relevant videos or images. While posting content one more strategy can be used for promotion is back-linking.


Wrapping Words:

Since content is considered as king for digital marketing the content writer must know this basic answers before they start writing. Even if a content developer starts writing without knowing important points, it’s impossible to expect traffic and revenue from content marketing.

While working on content, there’s a lot of techniques to be followed, but for a beginner, those six points are necessary to know. No matter how much you are going to spend on promotion, if your content strategies are not strong enough all efforts are going to waste.

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