Top 5 Google Algorithms that Affect Search Engine Rank

When a website is build there are N number of tricks and techniques followed by digital marketer. No matter how magnificently you have created and maintained your website, ultimately all depends upon Google Algorithms. Every single activity is examined by Google so, be careful how you are going to improve search engine rank of your webpage.

The most important reason of following various SEO Techniques is to get maximum traffic. And one more common and crucial reason goal of all owner of website is get it ranked in SERP.

But now the question arises, why professional SEO Experts fails to rank their business page in top search of Google.

Google Algorithms-Panda, Penguin & Pigeon Algorithms

The answer is they are not aware of recent updates of Algorithms of Google which are going to improve page rank. Though many of us know the importance of Algorithms, but still unfamiliar with what and how exactly does for Search Engine Optimization.  

Once you get a clear idea about working and importance Website ranking Algorithms, it takes less time and effort get ranked in search page of Google. So, let’s take a look what are the Top 5 Google Algorithms that affects search engine rank.

  1. Panda Algorithm:

Panda Algorithm is the first and most important algorithm launched in year 2011. This work by targeting different site’s content and after analyzing the quality of content it decides the rank.

To keep the content of high quality, avoid updating spammy, plagiarized and irrelevant content in your page or website. While creating content, the content writer must keep check all spelling and grammatical errors, as this small faults can take down the search engine rank.

Most SEO Expert create content of 250-300 words, thinking lengthy content is crawled faster by Google. But this is not true, even a relevant content of 50-60 words is considered as high-quality content if it’s answering all queries of visitor.

Finally for SEO Techniques, the H1 Tags and H2 Tags must be updated with proper keywords. In the content the keywords density must be balanced and keyword stuffing must be avoided.

  1. Penguin Algorithm:

The next important algorithm is Penguin. This particular algorithm deals with quality and relevant links in your website.

So, while creating links or purchasing backlinks, to be in safer side buy only high quality links from reputed directories. But, now a question comes, what is someone choose backlinks for their webpage, how can one decide the quality of link.

A common way to check back link quality is check website’s Page Authority, Domain Authority and Traffic. And choose those links whose content are relevant with your website content.

Tough link building strategy is quite risky as Google’s Penguin Algorithm can take down the SEO rank if it finds low quality and irrelevant links, but now Digital marketer should ignore link building activity.

The recent Google webmaster will let know the owner of website who are using your site link for back-linking. If you don’t want to share the link juice with back-linked website, the owner can remove it.


  1. Pigeon Algorithm:

Pigeon Algorithm acts between the local algorithm and core algorithm. This algorithm completely work on the location of users. That means the search results will be based on the searcher location and this very effective for small-scale marketer.

Though it’s a part of traditional marketing, still Google updated just to help local marketers.

Since, this algorithm is a non-spamming algorithm SEO Expert don’t pay attention. But, if a website is updated with off page techniques, then for local searches your website will be displayed on top page of Google search result page.

There are number of ways to boost off page SEO techniques for Pigeon Algorithm, but easiest way is to get listed in popular business directories.


  1. Hummingbird Algorithm:

Hummingbird algorithm of Google is the not meant to spam or penalize a website. It’s more into understanding search queries of audiences and giving them exact answer they are looking for.

For this algorithm, Keywords plays a vital role as it shows the result pages as per the entered keywords or queries by searcher.

Hence, an SEO Expert need to take care of keywords as well as keyword research methods. Because, this algorithm also catches longer search queries where Latent Semantic Indexing, Synonyms and Co-occurring of keywords are going help display your website in SERP Page.

  1. Possum Algorithm

It is the latest Google’s Algorithm which only affects local search results. Hence, this update works more accurately on local searches.

Latest Algorithm of Google- Possum

Possum algorithm was updated for all small or local business to give a new field like Google Maps. This made easier for searchers to exactly locate services providers they are looking for.

The SEO Experts says that Possum update operates with two different local search engine algorithms, first one is for Google Maps (Local Map Results) and second one is for (Organic Listing).

There’s no doubt, these algorithms of Google is going to make the small and location business world more competitive. And this will facilitate audiences to locate the exact location of service provider as per their search.



Since, SEO is the major part of Digital marketing it is very important to for them to know which algorithms works how. Unless one don’t know what are algorithms working behind improvement of SEO rank of website, all efforts goes in vain.  Everyday Google is changing and bring out new algorithms, so keep yourself updated by following our latest blogs.


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